Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Personal Relationship

That's what prayer is.  Developing a personal relationship with the Supreme Being. 


I speak...He listens.   He speaks...I listen.

Sometimes we laugh together.

Sometimes we cry.

Always seeking more of the other.

This is intimacy of the Divine Nature.  We come together.

It takes time.


Openness to the unexpected.

I remember as a little girl, I had a relationship with Him.

We were friends.  In some ways, He was my only friend.

As I grew up, He seemed more like a Parent than a friend.  My perspective had changed.

Then my need was for a Savior.  Someone to walk through the pain of life with me.  Heal the hurts.

Recently, I have discovered the Lover.  He meets my desire and takes my breath away.

It's personal. It always has been.

Now it's just more personal than it ever was before.

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